Dave Van Kooten

Content marketer, nonprofit specialist, and speaker

Who Am I?

I hold a Masters of Divinity and have spent over 12 years in non-profits and churches. I bring a wealth of experience to creating engaging, uplifting content for my clients.

In addition, I’ve spent the last five years harnessing my writing skills by working with SaaS businesses to create engaging content that drives traffic to their pages. I do this by crafting content which will rank high on search engines, but are also informative and engage the emotions of my clients’ audience.

I love what I do because I get to share stories that matter.

Here are some ways that I do that through my writing:

  1. SEO Blog posts: I search out keywords associated with your business, and craft informative content which can help to share your message. The articles that I write rank highly on Google.
  2. Newsletters: Whether it’s creating a 5-day welcome newsletter package to capture the attention of a new subscriber or creating weekly newsletters, I’ve helped to grow and retain email lists.
  3. Narrative budgets: Through the use of impactful stories and visual storytelling, I’ve written narrative budgets for my clients which offer a glimpse into how the year went through stories and facts and figures.
  4. Ghostwriting: Are you too busy to create your own content, but would still like it attributed to you? I utilize the voice, manner, and writing style to create content which can make you a thought leader in your industry.
  5. Whitepapers and research studies: Having spent years in graduate education, I know how to cite research and create case studies.
  6. Ebooks- I’ve also crafted in depth study guides, which are practical and easy to follow. I pride myself on my ability to create the graphic design elements of the ebooks that I work on, using photo editing software like Affinity Designer and Publisher and Canva. Some of these include:
    • Study guides
    • Sermon summaries for local churches
    • Small group devotionals
    • Promotional Ebooks

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My background

Having worked as a HR manager for a non-profit, I branched out and shared my experience.

Now, I’m a featured writer on Enhacv’s blog, a SaaS company which helps job applicants craft the perfect resume.

I’ve also had my work featured on sites like Connecteam, British Martial Arts Mats, and Narwal.

Get in touch

I would love to hear your story and find ways for you to engage your audience. Content creation is my passion, and I would love to lend a hand.